Sightseeing in Gmunden

On April 3rd the 3e EGT, Mrs. Beatrix Gruber-Mitterbuchner and Mrs. Astrid Anlanger went on a sightseeing trip. Each student presented a sight of Gmunden. We started at the famous ceramics manufacture, where traditionally the tableware is still handmade. The obligatory town hall was our next place of interest. Like in many other Austrian towns it is one of the major sights. It contains a carillon made of ceramic bells - supposedly of Meissen porcelain. The Town Hall Square is used as a market square and offers an impressive view onto the Höllengebirge. The students talked about the Mount Traunstein and the Lake Traunsee with the well-known paddle steamboat "Gisela". The last station was the water castle of Schloss Orth which is truly impressive and famous in Austria not only for the building itself, but also for a TV series set in a (non-existing) hotel within the castle. We had a good time discovering the beautiful surroundings of Gmunden.

Text: Astrid Anlanger

Foto: Beatrix Gruber-Mitterbuchner