English Theatre „WEB OF LIES“

On 24th January 2020 all the students of Berufsschule Gmunden 1 attended a performance of Vienna’s English Theatre at the Stadttheater Gmunden.

The play “Web of Lies” by Sean Aita is about 15-year-old girl Lena whose secret dream is to become a singer. But her mother’s ambition is a different one, she wants Lena to study medicine and become a doctor. Charlie, Lena’s best friend, uploads a video of Lena singing onto a “new talent” website and convinces Lena to respond to the message of the talent scout who wants to make a demo with her. The girl contacts the record label and meets Danny Doyle. As it turns out, the website was a fake and Danny is a fraud who drugs Lena to take some revealing images when she loses consciousness. Later on, he blackmails the girl about the pictures and Lena ends up in a dangerous situation.


We enjoyed the enthusiastic performance with great actors. The play was entertaining and including a morality tale, especially for young people.


Text: Rosa Kolb

Foto: www.schooltours.at